Tajweed is a familiar term for those who have learned to recite the Quran. The pure meaning of the word is ‘to perfect, to beautify, or to improve’. In Islam, it is a set of rules to help readers recite the Quran in the same way that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) learned from Jibreel.
Tajweed is the proper pronunciation of the words and letters of the Quran. It is an Arabic word that means to improve, to make better, or to beautify. Tajweed is important in Quranic recitation because it ensures that the words are pronounced correctly and in a way that preserves their meaning.

Tajweed involves rules and principles for the correct pronunciation of each letter and word in the Quran. It includes the proper way of pronouncing the letters with their respective characteristics, such as elongation, nasalization, and emphasis, among others.

Learning tajweed is an essential part of studying the Quran. It helps in understanding the message of the Quran more accurately and in conveying it to others. Tajweed is also considered an act of worship in Islam, and reciting the Quran with proper tajweed is believed to bring many blessings and rewards.

There are many resources available for learning tajweed, including books, online courses, and teachers who specialize in Quranic recitation. It is essential to learn tajweed from a qualified teacher who can guide you through the proper pronunciation and application of the rules and principles.

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